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Summary A Software Performance Engineering Tool
Category design
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) jmerse


Welcome to ArgoSPE

ArgoSPE is a plug-in for the ArgoUML tool.

From a UML model, ArgoSPE:

  • Generates Petri nets in GreatSPN format.
  • Calculates performance parameters through a set of predefined queries.
  • Display queries results with the help of Gnuplot plotting engine.


User documentation

Developer documentation


ArgoSPE options
ArgoSPE options:
  • Process Model: generates the Petri net.
  • State population: query in a state diagram. Percentage of object in each state.
  • Stay time: query in a state diagram. Mean time that objects spend in each state.
  • Response time: query in collaboration diagram. Mean response time of a certain scenario.
  • Network delay: Bite rate between twon non adjacent nodes.
  • Message delay: Time spent by a message to reach the receiver's node.

Supported diagrams:

  • Class
  • StateMachines
  • Activity
  • Deployment
  • Collaboration

This plug-in has been developed by the Group of Discrete Event Systems Engineering (GISED) which is part of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering at the University of Zaragoza .